We make designing your album simple but how do you choose which images to put in your album? That’s the important question.


It can be tricky if you don’t already have an eye for design but hopefully with this quick guide, you should be able to choose your images in no time at all.


Tip #1 – Create a separate folder.


By creating a folder just for your album images and copying the files you’re thinking of using into the folder, you can really get a good idea of how the images will work together. Do they look right sat next to each other?


Tip #2 – Consistency is key.


Using images with a similar style and similar editing, will look so much better than images that just don’t match. If you have a few photos that are bright in colour next to a few photos that look quite desaturated and then a couple that are black and white, it’s not going to look quite right. Even if you have mismatching styles, try not to put them together on the same page.


Tip #3 – Be picky.


You can only fit so many photographs on so many pages, so when it comes to choosing the images for your albums, be harsh with which ones you cull from the selection process. Pick your absolute best photos and save the others for prints or a second album. After all, albums are what we typically show to people or display, they should include the photos we love the most!


Tip #4 – Put them in an order that makes sense.


This is especially the case if you’re creating a wedding or family album. Putting them in an order that makes sense will help your tell the story that you’re trying to convey with your album. For example; put wedding images in order of when they were taken on the day, maybe put a few of the portrait photos in between to break it up, or if it’s a family album, perhaps put the images in order of the kids growing up.



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