If you’re creating an album for your family photos, they are clearly photos you will cherish and look at for years and years to come. Make the most out of your family photos with Agape Albums quick tips.


Pick the right clothing


These photos will last a lifetime, so you’ll want to make sure you’re happy with what you’re wearing even 20 years down the line. A good rule of thumb is to choose something timeless to wear and all wear clothes that compliment each other nicely.



Position your group photos in a pleasing way


If you’re taking a large family photo, be sure to have people standing in varying heights so that it looks nice and casual but everyone’s face can still be seen.



Show true moments


Get real emotion, real laughter, real funny or sweet moments. These you will cherish the most!



Let the kids play


The greatest thing about having family photos, is documenting the kids as they grow up. Instead of telling them to say cheese, or look at the camera and smile nicely, just let them play. Let them be themselves, jumping in muddy puddles, chasing bubbles, running around playing tag. It’s all worth documenting.



Use a shutter remote or self timer


Every family has the ‘photo-taker’, the person who takes all the photos and never gets to be included in them. Use a self-timer or a remote shutter release, preferably with a tripod to keep your camera steady and get that photo-taker family member in those pictures.



Try a photo project

You could do a 52 week challenge, where you take a family photo every week for a year to see how much you’ve all changed. Taking them outdoors will also show the different seasons through the year.




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