As you are getting ready to tie the knot and spend the rest of your life with that amazing person, there is a need to keep beautiful memories of your wedding. This is a significant moment in your life that you will cherish and want to show off to your grandchildren. Regular photo albums are good, but flush mount albums are the best. Flush mount albums are synonymous with high-end weddings and are custom made by boutique binderies.

What makes an album flush is the seamless end of the photos. Only a single picture is printed on sides of the same album without any border alignment, resulting in a durable and beautiful build. The distinctive difference between a flush mount and regular photo albums is the hand mounting of the inner substrate made from real halide photo paper. As a bride, you will never want to have a photo album that cannot stand the test of time. Interestingly, according to a survey, only 30% of brides have a knowledge of flush mount album. Let’s make you see reasons why you need to go for a flush mount album.

Strong and Durable

Yes, you will love the flashy and attractive covers of a flush mount album, but the main advantage is the strength, tightness and a superior core which is absent in regular photo albums. This is just like a tip of the iceberg, look out for the color, paper, binding and the texture of the paper.

The Thickness Keeps it Together

The thickness of flush mount album makes them a lifetime items that will not go tattered. Unlike press printed books that look like magazines, flush mount albums feel like a brick. Well-built and arranged to stand together as one. With the weight, there is a robustness with a well-crafted album.

No Wrinkling

You remember the annoying way your school notes and album get wrinkled at the edge? That will never happen with a flush mount album. Go look at your family albums that are not flush mount, you will notice the wrinkling at the edge. Flush mount albums will never bend, they retain their original shapes even after a decade of use. Unlike press printed albums, the flush mount will not bend or lose shape.

Carefully Crafted to For Rigidity

It is an album and visitors will always request for it. Even if they don’t, you will offer to show them your memories. This means that many hands will touch it and will be subjected to rigorous handling. However, a flush mount is built to be rigid and this will help to preserve for a long time.

Panoramic Display

The lay flat design of flush mount albums gives you a panoramic view of the pictures. Images will not be lost in the bulging nature of printed photo albums. Images get lost between the gutter of a press printed albums.


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